Automatic mogul line

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  • System for filling trays with starchMogul linija
  • System for removing excess starch
  • System for tray transportation
  • System for stamping products
  • Feed tank for mass
  • Heating system
  • Automatic depositor
  • Automatic system for tray input
  • System for the final sprinkling of starch
  • Container with wire mesh for dusting
  • Container for starch filling
  • Form prints customized
  • System for product transportation directly to enrobing machine, length 4m
  • System for process control via PLC
  • Control via a touch screen

Mogul linijaWorking principle

  • Automatic starch feeding
  • Automatic tray feeding
  • Automatic tray tracking
  • Automatic positioning and stamping in starch
  • Automatic liquid mass depositing
  • Automatic final sprinkling of starch
  • Automatic tray removing
  • Automatic products dusting (turning mechanism, 360° in two tacts)
  • Automatic lifting tray mechanism (180° per tact)


FeaturesAutomatska mogul linija

  • Simply mold for imprint change
  • Quick product change
  • Variable volume of deposit and speed
  • Optional multiple color products
  • Accurate deposits without tails with no chains used for transport of trays
  • Program for each product and work via PLC


Technical specification
Capacity: from 8 to 15 trays/min
Material: stainless steel