Chocolate, compound and spread production line


  • Tank structure
  • Moto reduction gear with dough blender
  • Motor with turbo mixer
  • Screw pump for paste recirculation and decantation
  • Double chamber for hot water circulation from central system of the buyer (or with heaters) and circulating pump for tank heating
  • Process management system

Technical description

  • Paste preparation tank is intended for blending all chocolate ingredient components (vegetable fat, cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter...), before feeding into the paste homogenization and grinding mill.
  • The ready made paste is being transferred into the ball mill by means of pipeline system and screw pump.

Technical specifications
Entire structure is made of stainless stell intended for applications in confectionery industry. Pipeline alog with auxilliary fittings and screw pupm is made of stainless steel as well.

Kuglice                                              Pripremni tank cokolada


  • Mill (structure)
  • Motor reduction gear with dough blenderKuglični mlin cokolada
  • Steel balls (globules)
  • Double chamber with water heaters (or from central system of the byer) and cold water recirculation system
  • Process management system

Technical description

  • Ball mill - homogenizer is most often used for the production of cream, confectionery products and chocolate paste. The mill is intended for making a perfecty homogenous paste as well as for minimizing the microparticles of the respective components. This operation is preformed by means of steel balls located in the mill and uniquely-designed puddlers. Once the satisfactory quality level has been achived, it is transferred further into the system by means of screw pump.

Technical specifications
Entire structure is made of stainless steel intended for aplications in confectionary industry. Pipeline along with auxilliary fittings is made of stainless steel as well.


Conching is a modern process used in making chocolate. The characteristic taste, smell and texture of chocolate are developed at this stage. The particles of sugar and cocoa are smoothed out in conching but not substantial reduced in size. during Conching the sharp taste of the fresh cocoa slowly disappears. At the same time the acidity and bitterness of cocoa are lost and the moisture content is reduced, and the delicious chocolate flavor becomes fully developed. Simultaneously in the process, the smoothing of the cocoa and sugar particles takes place with cocoa butter forming around each of the small particles. Conching can also take place in the ball mill. As this system is not suitable for the xchange of moisture, the intermediate tank (conch) is equipped with a ventilator.a rotating disc above the surface of the liquid produces a thin layer of material and this, together with the ventilation, aids moisture and acid removal from the chocolate. The ball mill offers only limited possibilities for influencing flavour development.

An important aspect to take into account, however,is the role conching plays in the manufacture of chocolate: apart from giving the product the desired flavour, the process must ensure that the product, when eaten, is perceived as homogeneous, as well as providing good rheological properties in terms of both processing and flavour perception.

Pripremni tank coko  Pripremni tank coko  Pripremni tank mesac