Chocolate enrobing machine


  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Wire mesh for products transportingPrelivacica
  • Pump for chocolate
  • Tank for chocolate
  • Enrobing system with adjustments
  • Two curtains of chocolate
  • Blower for chocolate excess
  • System for bottom enrobing
  • Shaker for chocolate excess
  • Wire mesh lifter
  • Infrared heaters for room heating
  • Rod detailer with speed and direction control
  • Infeed wire mesh
  • Licking rollers
  • Stirrer with scrapers and two directions
  • System for chocolate level in tank
  • Self cleaning system
  • Heating system and cooling system as a option
  • Process control

Technical description

  • Our chocolate enrobing machine offers a wide range of options for chocolate enrobing. Chocolate enrobing machine is designed for high production of an extensive range of products, with a thick layer of fine-tuning chocolate.
  • Chocolate film thickness is calculated using a combination of the fan with variable angle and speed of air flow and vibration shaker. Chocolate enrobing on the bottom with variable level of coating and option for bottom coating only.
  • The ability to access the tank of chocolate provides quick and easy cleaning, and replacing the chocolate coating. Reliability of the machine allows continuous work in three shifts.
  • Chocolate enrobing machine has many different systems, upgrade options for additional features of chocolate enrobing.


Technical specification
Wire mesh width: up to 2 000 mm
Material: stainless steel

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