Chocolate storage tank

System componentsTank

  • Tank (construction)
  • Moto-reducir with mixer
  • Heating with hot water (central system or with heater(s))
  • System for process control
  • Certified technical documentation with instructions for operation and maintenance

Technical description

  • Tank for holding mass has the task of accepting the chocolate from the production process, that is maintained at a constant temperature and at a given moment is delivered further in the process.
  • Before it is transported further in the system inside the tank, the chocolate, is continuously stirred and is maintained at an appropriate temperature. Keeping the process is done via the command cabinets, a basic parameter is temperature.


Technical specification

  • The whole structure is made of thin stainless steel, which is provided for this purpose in the confectionery industry. The pipeline with the accompanying armature is made of stainless steel
  • Medium: Chocolate (spread)
  • Capacity: from 250 kg to 12 000 kg