Cooling tunnel

  • Robust construction of stainless steelTunel za hlađenje
  • Infeed table height adjustable
  • Cooling system with two cooling units
  • System with chanels for distribution
  • Hood with hinges and shock absorbers
  • Polyurethane insolation
  • Automatic belt tracking
  • Cooling system from top convection/radiation
  • Cooling air or cold water from the bottom
  • Belt
  • Process control

Technical description

  • Cooling tunnel is the last stage of production process before packaging. It is a process that must be precisely controled to optimize the crystallizaton process. Tunel za hlađenjeGood cooling ensures that chocolate products reatin a high gloss that is resistant to melting, avoid chocolate fat bloom stability and to achieve satisfying taste of chocolate. Our tunnels are designed for precision colling of different typs of chocolate, compound and toppings. Our tunnels are attractive deigned and easy to clean and maintain.
  • The process of cooling begins after release of products from the chocolate enrobing machines, and it enters the tunnel cooling. Input lane tunnel has an elevation, a minimum air circulation system affects the cooling outside the tunnel. Air circulation in the tunnel and heat transfer can be via convection and/or radiation, while cooling can be done from below with cooled water through the panels. Distribution and air velocity is equal in all parts of the tunnel, and the temperature at cooling zones can be defined independently. The modular design allows for different length of the tunnel in sections of 2m each. Automatic control and automatic belt tensioning are optional for all our tunnels.

Technical specification

  • Width: up to 2000mmTunel za hlađenje
  • Length: 2m per section
  • Material: stainless steel